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Gerardo Salvador is founding partner of: Seinon, ecommaster.es, LuQentia and bcarefool.

Telecommunications engineer at Miguel Hernandez University (Spain). In January of 2007 he set up LuQentia SL with 3 colleagues and the year after he was lucky enough to win two awards: “Cátedra Bancaja Jóvenes Emprendedores” and “Galardón Empresa 5 Estrellas awarded by Miguel Hernández University”. In 2008 his company invested in two new firms: A solar power company to set up full photovoltaics installations, and ‘groupsemotion’, a web site to link group travellers with hotels to find the best deals.

In 2010 after 4 years of R+D he co-founded Global Energos SL to help professional customers to understand the use of their power consumption and save energy with a money-saving device called Seinon. Currently Seinon is an energy management system that provides a useful web interface from any laptop, mobile or tablet with an Internet connection which works in every energy installation in: Spain, Portugal, The Dominican Republic, Chile and Colombia. In 2012 after winning the award “Spain Startup & Investor summit emprendeGO sponsored by Repsol” for the best innovative idea in the new energy sources industry, he then went on to win a second prize in the in the “CEEI IMPIVA” awards.

Also he launched, in 2011, from LuQentia, a training project in several Universities of Spain called ‘ecommaster.es‘ to respond to the demand of rising e-commerce and due to its success he set up appmaster.es; a Master’s degree in mobile business as well.

In 2013 he won the prize of ‘iWeekend Benidorm’ for thinking up and developing the mobile app bcarefool. At the present he is the Chief marketing and business development officer of Seinon.

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